A is for Ariadne

Many years ago, I was called Amberwyne. My author gave my name to a some chit of a girl in a ‘Changeling’ game, who ran off with it the Keep (yet another roleplaying game, although my author calls it an ‘interactive writing project’). Now, Amberwyne strutting around with my old name in a Work in Progress called ‘The Players Are the Thing’. (If you want to waste your time with this idiot, she’s atΒ inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. She’ll be showing off in ‘A is for Amberwyne.) Not that I’m bitter. After all, I’m better. See for yourself in *my* snippet from *my* Work in Progress, ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’.

Ariadne walked into the clearing. Moonlight shone on the carytid, the pillars upholding the Temple of the Goddess in all Her Aspects. Only these stone women were far more than rock, when the moonlight touched them.

The girl dropped to her knees, but peeked through the veil of her dark hair. It obscured her vision, but it hid the fact that she was trying to observe.

Color and life returned to each woman standing in the Circle. One of them opened eyes as golden as the bracelets Ariadne wore on her bare arms. The Sign of the Serpent.



10 thoughts on “A is for Ariadne

    1. Thank you! Ariadne has been vampire, werewolf, and many other things over the years before she became Amberwyne. One of the reasons I’ve used the names (both of them) is because I love them too! (heart)


  1. Thank you!

    Ariadne: For the record, I had the name first. Years before that moron at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com ever existed.

    Me: (sighs) Self aware narration has been trying to dominate this Cauldron (along with my blogspot one) ever since last year’s AZ Project, ‘My Characters Have the Last Word’. (rueful grin)


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