Waiting for Rebirth

It’s Me Me Monday! This is the last Monday for ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ for a while. Christopher will post a little more of this story on Wednesday (QueerBlogWed), before my other characters take over the Cauldron. Yes, it’s for the ‘Blogging From A-Z Project: Character Snippets’. If you want to meet a wide variety of my characters from different stories, check it out!

‘Waiting for Rebirth’ will return to its regularly scheduled times in May. If you’re following this story, don’t miss Tuesday, April 4th! It’s ‘C is for Christopher’. He’ll be back in more ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ on that day.

Damian took my hand and led me to a small bedroom. I barely noticed the carved headboard with the dragon and the boy on it. My eyes were closing. Yes, I needed sleep, now, like most living creatues. This was my last thought before I fell into the soft embrace of the bed.

It was the beginning of my new existence as Christopher in this place. This town called Omphalos.

I’d been here before. I was certain of it, although I wasn’t entirely sure who I’d been when I dwelled her. Also, Omphalos had been smaller when I lived here last. There were many little shops, along with the cottages and the tavern.

Sometimes, I blinked, almost getting a double vision of a second Omphalos, layered over the first. It was almost like I was seeing through a second pair of eyes.

Most of the time, I just let this reality take me. It wasn’t bad.


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