Waiting for Rebirth


Hello, I’m Christopher. I hope you’ve been enjoying my story, which has been appearing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It will pause during the Blogging from A-Z April Project: Character Snippets’ although I shall return in ‘C is Christopher’ on April 4th. It’s a Tuesday, rather than a Wednesday, so watch for it. Other Navel and Shadow Forest characters will be visiting in ‘D is for Damian’, ‘G is for Gabrielle’, ‘P is for Peter’, and in other Character Snippets. Watch for them, too.

Once April and its Blogging Challenge is over, ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ will return to its regular times. In the meantime, here’s the next part of my tale, right where I left off on Saturday.

There was a moment of silence, before I heard a brush rub against a canvas. One, two, three strokes across the rough material, before he drew the brush downward, only to stop and begin again. There was an almost musical rhythm to his hand. It was like listening to a dance.

I’m not sure how long I stood there, watching the sky, listening to him work. It was like listening to his heart. It made me hungry, but I held my desire in check. I swallowed it and opened myself up to the sky, to the colors above. Where did that patch of purple above come from? Perhaps a man very like Damian had possessed it, along with a royal arrogance. Such arrogance might have weighed him down, tiring him, dragging his ermine coat to the ground. He might have release it, let it float up into the sky, only to skip away, no longer burdened with his own conceit. The golden cloud might have belonged to the maiden with the yellow hair I fancied seeing in the mirror. She may have released some of her natural joy into the heavens, so it could shine on everyone below. The grayish wisps clinging to golden might have been the anxiety of a scholar with spindly hands, constantly worried about the future. He could have let go of fears, sent them flying into the sky.

All of this was possible in the Shadow Forest. I wasn’t sure what was possible here. Sky and clouds would obey rules of reality I didn’t understand. Those rules would protect them from stray thoughts. I could imagine anything I wanted about the sky overhead. No monsters would come flying out. No emotion could cloud the heavens, or blot out the sun. I was free to think or daydream whatever I wished, without consequences. The very thought made me giddy.

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