Waiting for Rebirth

Welcome to #QueerBlogWed! A day to blog about all matters queer. This makes it a great day to blog about Christopher. Particularly Damian/Christopher.

I’m in the middle of writing a series I want to self publish; ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’. I’ve written drafts of the first three books in the series; ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’, ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’, and ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’. All three of these books require revision before I can publish them. (I’m doing revisions during Camp NaNoWriMo.) Would you be interested in buying these books? You may find out the answer by reading my series’s prelude, ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. I’m posting it in segments every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Here’s a little more of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, picking up right where we left Christopher and the withered rose on Saturday…

I wondered where he kept this easel and paints. Perhaps he’d pull them out of the shadows, the same way he’d pulled me. I listened to for the fall of his footsteps, the rustle of his movements. He was far quieter than Gabrielle, or his Aunt Duessa. Damian Ashelocke barely made a sound. He was so hard to catch in the middle of something as simple as picking up a paintbrush, or lifting an easel. I didn’t turn around, so I could find out. I didn’t want to the solve the mystery of Damian Ashelocke, not so quickly. His secrets were to be protected, along with the colors which floated to the surface of his soul.

Part of me didn’t want to devour him, no matter how hungry I might be.

Instead, I continued to stare at the glorious sky overhead. It reminded me so much of the pond. The pond of shimmering colors, which floated like reflected light upon the waters. No matter what world I was in, I always found it. No matter where I wandered in the Shadow Forest, I always returned to it.

Ah, I could remember some things. I’m not certain whether this was a relief or not.

“Are we still in the real world?” I asked, out loud. “This feels more like something out of a dream, or a fantasy.”

“Believe it or not, there are wonders in the real world, as well,” Damian said. I could hear him moving, setting something up. An easel? “You just have to capture them at the right moment.”

Those words made me smile. For all his foolish desire to find the Shadow Forest, Damian was wise enough to enjoy what was good in the here and now. Perhaps that would be enough to keep the Door from opening.


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