Waiting for Rebirth

Welcome to Me Me Monday! I’m still adjusting to the time change, but ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ is here, right where it left off on Saturday between Christopher and Damian…

I swallowed a guilty lump, which rose in my throat. “I thought I couldn’t do things like that in a real world.”

“We’re very close to the Shadow Forest here,” Damian said. He reached out for my hand. I withdrew mine. I didn’t want to touch him. I didn’t want to wither him as I’d withered the rose.

“Christopher, it’s all right,” Damian said. The kindness in his voice brought tears to my eyes. “I offered to let you feed on me, remember?”

“I don’t want to.” My voice came out a choked whisper. “I don’t want to hurt you or steal your life.”

“Stop looking down.” The enigmatic comment threw me off guard. “Look up, instead.”

Puzzled, I obeyed. I looked up at the sky and gasped.

The colors were gorgeous. They reminded me of the lost fragments of dreamers’ souls, shimmering in the Shadow Forest pond. These colors roamed across the sky, free and wild. They belonged to no one. Dark purples and delicate lavenders pursued in silver streaks patches of bright gold and splashes of blue.

“A perfect reflection of what’s in your heart,” Damian said. “Don’t stop looking. Don’t turn around. I’m going to get my easel and my paints.”


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