Waiting for Rebirth

Hello! It’s Me Me Monday, a time to celebrate the accomplishments of me! It’s also time for the next part of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. Duessa Ashelocke just found out that her nephew used light against shadows. She’s not happy. Not at all.

“Even if he did use light, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Gabrielle said. She stared at Duessa and her swelling shape with no sign of fear whatsover. “He’s no longer with the Ashelockes.”

Clearly, using light was a bit of a family faux pas for the Ashelockes. I wondered at this unbalanced attitude. Light could be dangerous, but so was darkness. Anyone who spent any time in the Shadow Forest knew this. Darkness couldn’t exist without light.

Duessa’s shape might have dwindled, but her anger remained, sharp in the air. She closed four pairs of eyes, but she locked her rose purple ones with her nephew’s.

Damian shivered, but didn’t look away.

I pressed my own hand against his. If Duessa tried anything, she’d have to go through me. Not that I was sure what I could do in the real world. Especially when I was so small and skinny. It didn’t matter. I’d still try.

The energy in the air between Duessa and ourselves crackled. It didn’t actually spark and hiss with the force of our wills, like it would have in the Shadow Forest. Nor did anything appear out of nowhere. I could still feel the struggle in the space between Damian and Duessa. The lady loomed, pushing her dominating anger against the frail males before her.

Only Damian wasn’t all that frail. He stood in the face of his aunt’s rage, refusing to be overwhelmed or moved. Her overwhelming fury slammed into the rock of his determination. I didn’t need to see the rock itself. Damian was the rock, or perhaps he was a tower. A tower of strength, standing firm against rage and the lightning which flickered forth from the woman before him, testing his foundations.

The tower held. Duessa’s rage broke and splittered upon us, scattering the tension in several directions, to dissipate within the cool darkness of the Navel.

The lady took a step back, allowing her nephew and myself. She bowed slightly. Was she acknowledging our strength? The bow was quite brief. Duessa Ashelocke straightened herself up swiftly enough.


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