Waiting for Rebirth

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I’m picking up right where I left off on QueerBlogWed with ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. Damian and Christopher come face to face to with Damian’s sinister aunt, Duessa. This is a little longer than six sentences, forgive me. (bows)

“I know Gabrielle better than she knows herself,” Duessa said. She took another gliding step closer. Something was moving, writhing around her torso. I realized they were arms. A second pair of limbs undulated in perfect time with the ones of above. She had four arms, no eight.“Somehow she managed to have a son.” The first and second extended from her left shoulder, the third and fourth from her right. The fifth and sixth reached out to touch a couple of crystals on a shelf. The seventh and eighth clenched their right hands into fists. “I wonder how she kept such a delectable secret from me.”

14 thoughts on “Waiting for Rebirth

    1. It is for the writer. Duessa just smirks at me from my imaginary landscape and thinks, “Try to keep up with your characters, dear.” My villains have absolutely no respect for me. At the same time, I have only myself to blame, since I wrote them that way. 🙂


    1. Duessa Ashelocke is very scary. Back when she was in another world and part of a vampire dominated family, she couldn’t be, since she was ruled by another. Now that she’s an Ashelocke, an arachnocrat, and Damian’s aunt, she’s positively terrifying.


  1. Nope, because there was no pregnancy and son. 🙂 Duessa is quite correct to surprised (and suspicious). Remember the earlier conversation with Juno? Christopher was as caught flat footed as anyone else when Damian announced that he was Gabrielle’s son. If anyone brought Christopher into this world, it was Damian. 🙂 See earlier Cauldron entries for the details (I’ve been posting all of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ here, right from the beginning, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.) See later Cauldron entries to see how Gabrielle reacts to all this. Her grand entrance is approaching. 🙂


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