Waiting for Rebirth

It’s Me Me Me Monday! Here’s a little more of Damian/Christopher in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, my prelude to ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’.  I’m picking up right where I left off on Saturday.

Far less so was the sign. I tried not to look at it, but it creaked in the wind, drawing my unwilling eye to the image of a woman’s rounded belly. Specifically, a woman’s belly button.

“The Navel,” I said, feeling my face color. Whoever owned this establishment had a sense of humor.

“Come on in!” Damian said, ignoring the sign completely. Perhaps he was used to it, or the sight of women’s bellies. This thought made the heat creep up my face. Something tense and almost angry uncurled in my belly.

Damian smiled slightly at the sight of my face. He said nothing, only opened the door with a bow. Something tinkled, sending clear, light bell-like sounds in the air.

I looked at the doorway and saw some wind chimes. Ah, yes, I remembered those, as well.

I blinked, as the darkness of the store overwhelmed me. For a moment, I thought it would swallow me, but I wasn’t in the Shadow Forest any more. My eyes were simply adjusting to stepping out of the sunshine.



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