Me Me Me Monday

It’s ‘Me Me Me Monday’! A day to strut, promote, and celebrate one’s Me-ness!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to submit ‘Waiting For Rebirth’ in segments to this Cauldron every Me Me Me Monday. I’ll share a teaser for the next segment on Saturdays during Rainbow Snippets. I want to introduce Damian/Christopher to the world. If you enjoy this story, I’m hoping you’ll come back for the rest of ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’. I’ve got at least three books in this series I’m revising and planning to self publish. Hopefully, you’ll like this story well enough to come and buy more stories in this universe!

Here’s the very first taste of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. Enjoy!

The first thing I remember is darkness, a darkness that howled and swallowed. The second thing is a light, illuminating the darkness. A young man stood in the very center of the light. His hand was extended. It captured my attention the way nothing had in a long time. My awareness grew a little sharper, a little more real. The fingers on that hand were slender. Slender and pale. The hand was reaching out, into the darkness, towards…me?

“It’s all right,” he said. His voice was gentle and patient. “This is your rebirth, Christopher.”

I hesitated, as I looked down at his fingers. Should I accept his hand? What he was truly doing was asking for mine. I wasn’t sure if I still had one. Besides, he needed to give me something in return.

“Who are you?” I asked, feeling my lips shaping the words. I had lips. I had a voice. Had he given these things to me? Maybe he had every right to ask for my hand.

“I’m Damian,” he said. He stood with his hand extended, waiting for my consent. The darkness was receding, transforming into a green place, filled with light. Perhaps the darkness would retreat entirely, if I accepted him. A smile tugged at his lips, softening his entire face into something more human. “Come see what the light of the real world is like, Christopher.”

A smile was tugging at my own lips, in answer to his. He’d already given me light, two names, and a smile. My hand seemed a small thing to ask for in return. I stretched out my hand, wiggling my fingers in delight, as I realized, yes, I had a hand to give! It clasped his, feeling all those slender fingers, trying to interlock with my own. They felt warm and solid. As we touched, the world blossomed to life around us.

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