Me Me Me Monday

It’s Me Me Me Monday! A day to promote, post, and celebrate your me-nesss!

For today, I’m offering up another segment from ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’, picking up right where I left off last Monday. This is the first book in my ‘Tales from the Navel/The Shadow Forest’ series. It’s currently under revision.


“I’m not afraid of you,” Danyell said, but the words tasted like lies. Dayell’s irises were filled with silver light. Tiny, gleaming triangles changed their violet blue color into something eerie and strange. Danyell shivered. It was as if his twin’s eyes had become Doors, magical portals to other worlds. To peek through such a Door was wonderful, but scary.

Dayell lowered his eyelashes. His lower lip quivered. Danyell wished he hadn’t thought so loud. Sometimes, his twin could hear his thoughts, or at least guess what he was thinking.

“Take care,” Dayell said. He stood up, straight and stiff. “There’s someone else here, watching us.”

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