Trying to Get My Rights Back

I had to make a very sad, painful decision last week. I emailed Kristi Boulevere, owner of Torquere Press, LLC, asking for my rights back to ‘Fairest’, ‘A Symposium in Space’, and ‘At Her Service’.

I haven’t been paid. Not once, since I signed my first contract with Prizm Books/Torquere Press, LLC. I don’t even know how many copies of ‘Fairest’ sold. I never learned how many were picked up through Amazon, or other vendors other than the Torquere/Prizm site.

I’m not the only TQ author not being paid. I’ve been talking to a lot of authors I’ve met, who published through TQ. None of them have been paid, either. A lot of the staff I once worked with are no longer with the company.

Doing this feels like moving backwards, like I’m unpublishing myself. It hurts. I had a high regard for Torquere Press, LLC/Prizm Books and its owners. This was one of the reasons I tried to hold on for so long, in spite of opposition from my loved ones.

I can’t, not any longer. I’m trying to be a professional writer. I need to get paid. If not, I might as well spend more time posting to ‘Archive of Our Own’, or everything I have to my blogs.

I’m waiting to get my Reversal of Rights documents. I’ve asked them via email and via certified mail. I’m letting you know. If you bought ‘Fairest’ or ‘A Symposium in Space’, I’m not sure where the money went. None of it reached me.

If you did buy my books, if you enjoyed them, I hope you’ll keep an eye on this Cauldron in the future. I plan to keep moving forward, in spite of this set back. Remember, there’s something always bubbling in the waters of inspiration, waiting to form. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Trying to Get My Rights Back

  1. Big hugs, K. I’ve recommended Fairest to a ton of people and I’m just heartbroken for you that you never got to see ANY of that money. Looking forward to recommending it in a format that will actually pay you!

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    1. Thank you, Shira. (big hugs back) Thank you for all the promoting you did. It made readers aware of me, even if I didn’t make any money from my big break into publication. I’m really hoping they’ll keep an eye out for my other works as well. I also appreciate the offers of help and recommendation for ‘Fairest’s newest incarnation, once I get the rights back and figure out what it’s going to be. One good thing that came out of this is I got to meet you and so many other wonderful writers who were willing to help me and guide me, even though I was a total rookie. Thank you for everything you did for myself and ‘Fairest’. (more big hugs)


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