Me Me Me Monday

It’s Me Me Me Monday, a day to promote all kinds of me-ness. 🙂

I’m almost at the end of my NaNoWriMo project, although my Inner Editor is screaming bloody murder at how I’ve rushed things and the lack of proper character development. In all honesty, I agree with her.

I wrote a lot of scenes in advance for ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ Not all of them made their way into the novel. Here’s part of one I particularly regret losing. You can read the beginning of it at Maybe I can re-insert this scene, when I’m revising the manuscript?


“I thought I was your hope for a better world,” Dyvian said. He took another step towards Leiwell. As always, his slow glide was elegant, graceful, and dangerous. Dyvian was like a serpent, gliding towards his prey.

Leiwell never failed to shiver, when his lord stalked him. If only it was just from fear.

“I offered you reason in return for striving to forge a path through the shadows.” Dyvian stopped inches away from Leiwell. “You were once mine.” A gloved hand reached out to caress Leiwell’s cheek. “You gave yourself to me with a willing, no, an eager heart.”

Leiwell couldn’t help leaning into Dyvian’s caress, or the sigh that escaped from his lips.

“I truly did,” he whispered, closing his eyes. His lord’s beauty was overwhelming, as always. Dyvian had never needed to buy Leiwell’s soul. He was only too happy to be taken. “However, I belong to my family, as well.”

“Your family!” Dyvian snatched his hand away, as if Leiwell’s skin, or perhaps his denial had burned him. “You wouldn’t have a family, if not for me!”

“They were a gift, a priceless gift, willingly given.” Leiwell opened his eyes to meet his lord’s. “A gentleman never returns a gift, not if he treasures either the gift or the giver.”


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