Saturday Snippet

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Every Saturday, six sentences of GLBT fiction are shared and posted. It can be your own. It can be someone else’s. It just needs to be GLBT.

To check out a wide variety of samples of GLBT stories, check out the link!

Here’s my own offering from my current National Novel Writing Month project, ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ I decided to pick up right where I left off, last Saturday. Forgive me, this is a little longer than six sentences. The seventh sentence is very short, though. 🙂

“Seriously?” The boy looked up at the sunlight shining through the trees overhead, down at the mossy log he was sitting on, before they settled upon the man, standing over him. “My thoughts don’t matter.”

“If that were true, this place wouldn’t exist.” The man nodded at their surroundings. Trees surrounded the man and the boy, as the breeze tickled and whispered in their ears. “I wouldn’t exist.”

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