Damian’s Departure

I got a challenge from NaNoWriMo yesterday. Write a letter from one of your characters to another character, explaining why s/he is leaving.

This was perfect for last year’s project, ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’. I wrote a letter from Damian to Christopher, explaining some of the reasons for his disappearance. It was never posted, because I was worried it contained too many spoilers.

NaNoWriMo issued the same challenge this year. This time, I wrote a letter from Ashleigh to Map. You can find this year’s letter at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com.

I went back and looked over Damian’s letter. It’s not as spoilerific as I thought, especially considering some of the snippets I’ve already posted here.

There’s no guarantee Damian Ashelocke is telling the truth, any way. Or at least, not all of it. 🙂

Without further ado, here’s Damian’s letter to Christopher. A freebie extra to ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’.


“You know why I left. You know me better than anyone. I pulled you out of the shadows, a creature of wonder and magic. I saw my world reflected in your eyes. It was wondrous.

If anyone could show me how to love this world, it was you. Without admitting it to myself, I took you home. Yes, the Navel was our home, even if I hated it. It was certainly more of home than anything Ashelocke. I introduced you to my mentor, got her to accept you as her son. Surely, you could change her. Surely, you could change anyone.

Alas, you didn’t change Gabrielle Bouchard. Perhaps you couldn’t. Perhaps her will to keep everything small and manageable in the Navel was too much for you. Perhaps her smile charmed you into truly believing she was your mother. Either way, I lost you to her. You became one more curio, one more odd little object in her shop. Just like everything else from the Shadow Forest in the Navel; you were contained, reduced to something mundane and explainable, until touched by the right hands.

I didn’t know how how I hated what ‘Brie was doing, until she did it to you. This was why I had to leave, Christopher. I had to find you, to free you from the containment of this small life, which I began. Gabrielle may have trapped you within it, but I’m the one who lured you into this existence in the first place. I need to find the shadows, which were once a part of you. Only then can I undo the great wrong I did you, when I offered you my hand.



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