Wednesday Words #93 (10/5/2016)

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Saturday Snippet

Welcome to #RainbowSnippets, where six sentences of GLBT fiction are shared on Saturday! They can be your own. They can be someone else’s. They just need to be GLBT. To sample a wide variety of GLBT fiction, check them out!

My own is from my recently submitted ‘Seven Tricks’, a Christmas tale inspired by ‘The Nutcracker’. It’s a much more mouse sympathetic spin on ‘The Nutcracker’, with elements inspired by A. T. A. Hoffman’s tale, ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’.

“Do you wish to understand the speech of humans?” Madam Mousenip chittered in my ear. “’Tis a strange chatter, but it can be useful.”

“You can speak to these giants?” I asked, awed and a little afraid. “What does a mouse possibly have to say to a human?”

“Less than you can imagine and far more than you’d ever want to hear,” she said a little dryly. “However, if you listen, you can discover when they’re leaving, where they’re storing food, and plan accordingly.”

Paula’s Prompt

Here I am, running late with @PTWyant‘s Wednesday prompt! To see it, go to

Yummiest Rapture,

I’m not sure how many cycles it’s been since I found the Planet Sicilia. The heat is no longer quite so intense. How the residents of Planet Sicilia manage without an air convertor to regulate control, I don’t know.

What they consume during the heat is hardly practical, but it is tasty. It’s called gelato. Gelato is cold, creamy, fluffy, and takes on a variety of flavors. However, you have to eat it quickly, or it melts. I never cease to marvel at how transient many things are on this planet. I’ve tried to fit it, using the appearance chip. However, every once in a while, the residents of Planet Sicilia stop and stare at me. I worried that they might have caught a glimpse of my true apperance, but one of the Sicilians fell upon his knees. He kept crying, “San Giorgio!” You may want to have the chip analyzed. I know it’s supposed to give me an appearance which induces respect, but I’m not sure if that function is synchronizing our imperative to blend in. How are we to analyze the planetary cuisine, if the residents recognize us as galaxy wide food critics?

More delicious news later.
Odiferous Harmony

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