‘Aissa and Polyxena’ Snippet

I’ve been busy working on ‘Aissa and Polyxena’, so I figured I’d share a little of my m/m mythical WIP here. I’ve already posted the very beginning at https://www.facebook.com/KS-Trenten-1508958289406654/?ref=page_internal . I picked up where I left off with a little more at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. Here’s yet a bit more…
“Our city?” I asked. I took in the soft, white hands of the boy’s, clasping the cup to his chest, along with his rounded limbs. Both invited a lover’s kisses. Neither had seen labor, or swordplay, not for a number of years. There was a proud lift to the boy’s head, in spite of his softness. Indeed, the way he raised his chin reminded me of my brother, Hector. Hector was the first prince of Troy, a Trojan lord, much like myself, only there was no cloud of doubt over his birth. This boy’s liquid black eyes and glossy ebon curls were very similiar to Hector’s and Paris’. The likeness made me realize exactly whom this beautiful cupbearer must be.

“Ganymede,” I whispered the name of the former prince of my home. “This is Zeus’ own cup you’re offering me.”

“Few are brave enough to drink from it,” Ganymede warned. “One taste from it will change you forever. One taste of it will make you part of its power.”

My own hands reached for his, gently taking what he offered. I stared into the burning, blue gaze, which challenged me from the depths of the cup. Silently, he dared me to drink from his reflection. Dared me to taste his savage his beauty.

I lifted the goblet to my lips, letting its contents bathe my tongue. It wasn’t wine, or water. It was a mixture of both, mingled with the cold taste of a brisk wind, which kisses your face, the sharp spice of passion, and the salty tears of the sea. These sensations filled my mouth and nose, choking me.

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