Paula’s Prompt

Here’s another awesome prompt from @PTWyant at This week, it was a ‘parade of skeletons’.

I wrote a short story called ‘Necromancer’, which I submitted to Julia Schaeffer’s science fiction technology anthology. Yes, in spite of the title, it’s an attempt at this genre. We’ll see if it fits in or not. I’m not entirely sure if my style works for science fiction tech, but I figured I’d give it a try.

My second attempt I posted at

This is my third attempt….

On All Hallow’s Eve, the dead rose from their graves. A parade of skeletons marched across the land. Few could see them, but many of the living felt a cold shiver, as one of these spectres passed through him. For these skeletons were insubstantial. They left nothing, but a chill impression on the vibrant souls they passed through.

The only except was a little boy. His eyes widened at the tickle of a familar spirit.

“Is that you?” he cried, reaching out to grab invisible, bony fingers, but the skeleton was already gone.


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