‘Fairest’ Blurb

I’m promoting ‘Fairest’ right now, for interested readers who might be stopping by this blog. 😉

From childhood, her eyes have haunted me. She cursed me at birth, to fall under a sleeping curse. Everyone is afraid of her. Everyone thinks she’s my enemy. Only I can’t think of her as an enemy. There are too many secrets surrounding her, too many silences. Who exactly is she—the dark haired, pale beauty who haunts the tower, my guardian, and my dreams? What is her truth? Is she truly a wicked witch? Or is she just a girl, as cursed as I am? I’m not afraid of her, even if I should be. Come with me as I visit my tower, get lost in the enchanted forest, and look into the magic mirror. Face my curse, when I face the spindle in her hands. Sing the words of a magic spell, while darkness looms over me, threatening to completely overcome me. For I refuse to be afraid, no matter what her magic changes me into.


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