‘Aissa and Polyxena’ Snippet

I’m missing #RainbowSnippets this Saturday, plus I won’t be around much tomorrow, either. I’ve decided to post a snippet tonight, instead. This is from ‘Aissa and Polyxena’, my m/m mythical tale of cross dressing. I pick up right where I left off last Saturday during #RainbowSnippets.
Beautiful he was, with hair too lustrous, eyes too luminous, and limbs too finely made to be mortal. An all too mortal sorrow cast shadows under his gleaming eyes, as he offered me a cup.

“Troile, child of Troy,” the boy said. His rosebud of a mouth trembled, as if my name tasted painful. My own mouth trembled in response. “Would you share my fate, as well as my heritage?”

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