‘Aissa and Polyxena’ Snippet

I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Yesterday, I posted part of the scene where Aissa/Achille and Polyxena/Troile first meet. Readers were looking for the link on Amazon.com, so they must have liked what they read. 🙂

However, my original draft has a lot of character development. Yes, there’s also a moment of revelation for Aissa, regarding ‘her’ passions. 🙂 However, it comes at a rather heated moment, after she and Troile have become somewhat acquainted and leaping on board a boat.

Here, Aissa’s ‘passion’ is revealed the moment they meet.

A woman was looking up at me, her veil in dissarray. I could see her smoky blue eyes widen, beneath its filmy cover.

There was no mistaking those eyes. It was he, the youth I’d seen in the cup, but he was dressed in the flowing skirts of a woman. What a strange display of feminity, to wear skirts, unaccompanied by bangles or jewels! Not that he needed, either. Not with those eyes. They were framed by the longest golden eyelashes I’d ever seen. His full, pouting mouth were slack with wonder, as he opened his arms to catch me.

I tumbled into his embrace, knocking both of us to the ground. He took the full brunt of the fall, shielding me from the stones of the street.

I stared down at the strange youth, pinned beneath me. Our groins were pressed together, separated by my tunic and his skirts. Proof of his manhood was there, rising to meet me, even as he looked up at me with dazed blue eyes.

“Have the gods decided to offer me the perfect gift?” the strange youth asked me. The wonder in his face made it look very young. “Or has Ganymede himself willingly left Zeus for me?”

Watching his lips move, shaping the words, it took me a moment to answer his question.

“No, I’m not Ganymede,” I murmured, as my cheeks colored. “He did send me here to find you, though.”

“Ganymede be praised, then,” the youth said. An answering flush was rising in his own cheeks. “However, this is not the most appropriate place to continue this conversation.”

I realized there were people, watching us, murmuring something about the shamelessness of youth. Since when did young men start pouncing on well born women, in public?

To read the other first meeting, go to inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. Tell me, dear reader, which do you prefer?


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