‘Fairest’ Snippet

Recently, @Queer Sci Fi was kind enough to host ‘Fairest’ and myself at their website. In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d share a little snippet from my f/f fantasy fairytale.

The Forest of Tears had turned into a fairyland. Sunlight slid through the tops of the trees in gentle, playful beams. The light glistened upon the cobwebs, the grass, and the flowers. Morning dew looked like tiny, enchanted crystals. A faint breeze whispered in the wind, as it rustled the leaves. I took a step outside the cottage, closing the door behind me.

No, the wind wasn’t whispering. It was singing. I’d heard music at the castle, but it had been nothing like this. This was a girl, singing in a faint, sweet voice. The sound murmured on the wind, tickling my ears.


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