Shapechanging Snippet

There was an article at @QueerSciFi about shapechanging from a human into a monster. How the monstrous form was always considered a bad thing. This interested me, because I have a character in my novel, ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’, for whom it’s the other way around. Changing from a  monster into a human is painful and unnatural, but she does it, because she thinks her monstrous form is ugly. Danyell (my main character) didn’t agree. Changing back was what struck him as being horrific. Here’s a scene, describing that change.

What he could see within the cloud was terrible. Map’s arms, legs, and torso were shrinking, shriveling to more human proportions. Bits of flesh fell from her body, dissolving with a horrible stench before they could hit the ground. More patches of brown skin were appearing all over her green flesh, like sores. The sores grew, eating away at the green parts, sucking the color out of them. Her talons shrank, making her clasped hands tremble, as if in great pain. More lesions appeared on her forehead, cheeks, and the back of her hands, covering them with human flesh.

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