Saturday Snippet

It’s Saturday, time for #RainbowSnippets! Participants share six sentences of GLBT fiction. It can be your own. It can be someone else’s. It just needs to be GLBT.

I recently finished an extended draft of ‘On the Other Side of the Mask’, only to realize it’s too short for Lethe Press’s general submissions. I’m working on extending it. One of the things I did was add a prologue. Below an introductory blurb are the first six lines of the prologue.

In the city of Paradise, orphans who can sing belong to the church. The only thing they can choose is their name. Choosing the names of rebel poets from another world, however, can attract undue attention. Singing your own songs, instead of Paradise’s hymns is forbidden. Doing forbidden things is dangerous. For the agents of Paradise are always watching and the agents of Paradise are always hungry.

“If only this adult body was nothing more than a mask!” This was unreal. Opening his mouth, only to let out that awful croak. What had happened to his voice?

“You’re becoming a man,” his teacher had said, gruffly. Color flamed in each cheek, as he turned his back on his former favorite. “Go. There’s no place for you here.”

12 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet

  1. I know…I’m a little frustrated with this beginning, because there’s no mention of the threat of Paradise, but it does establish one of the major characters and his motivations for doing certain things.


  2. Harsh! My son sings, and let me tell you, voice changes are no fun. He’s been in that in-between space for about a year now as his voice deepens. Not high enough to sing sweetly anymore, not low enough or with enough resonance to sing like a man. Those kids whose voices haven’t changed but they sing like opera stars? Yeah…they’re often doing a lot they shouldn’t.

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  3. Thank you for giving me a little more RL information about voice changes! I did some research before hand, but I appreciate learning more from actual people who’ve been through this, or are close to those whom are. Yes, this prologue was harsh, but I wanted to lay the background, before- (a giant, Monty Python-esque food comes down from the sky and squashes me before I can give any spoilers :))


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