‘A Symposium in Space’ Snippet

Here’s a teaser from my f/f science fiction story, ‘A Symposium in Space’, which was inspired by Plato’s ‘The Symposium’.

“Yes, by all means, let Phaedra start the conversation,” Pausania said. She smiled with pure spite at me. “Do tell us all about the object of your latest passion.”

One of the bubbles shot toward me. It was translucent, quite pink–but an icy, bluish sort of color. Much like many of the baubles Agathea and Eryxmachia wore. It stared at me with a crystalline coldness, reflecting back my wide eyes and twitching lips.

“Conversation?” I asked. The word came out as a kind of squeak.

“The conversation about love, dear,” Eryximachia said. Her shaved eyebrow raised, in unconscious imitation of Sokrat. “Share your thoughts, your experiences, whatever you have to offer about the subject.”

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