‘Fairest’ Snippet

OK! Hopefully, I’m making it to #RainbowSnippets, the last one I’ll be participating in for a couple of weeks. #RainbowSnippets is a collection of various sample of GLBT fiction, which people post on Saturdays. Six sentences of the poster’s own, or someone else’s work is offered up. The only requirement is that is be GLBT.

I’m offering another taste of my f/f, fantasy fairytale, ‘Fairest’. I’m picking up exactly where I left off yesterday…

“What are you doing?” the witch cried. She rose from her seat, but stopped, as if she was too frightened to move. “Come back!”

I didn’t. I went outside, into the night. Fortunately, the moon was full and bright, so I had something to see by.

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