‘Fairest’ Snippet

I’m going to disappear from social media for a while, slowly, over this weekend. Like the Cheshire cat, fading away, until nothing is left, but a grin, only to reappear on July 5th.  I’m not sure if I’ll make it to #RainbowSnippets tomorrow, or not. I thought I’d share a little snippet of #Fairest, my f/f fantasy fairytale here, right before I vanish.

A pale, sad face watched us through the glass. I recognized her dark eyes at once. They fixed themselves upon me. A strange sort of terror spread across her entire face, making her red lips quiver. I could feel that terror, tingling through my body.

I didn’t think. I acted. I stood up from the table. The witch and the dwarves all stared. I marched to the front door and opened it.


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