Reflections on A-Z

This Cauldron was transformed in many ways during the A-Z Challenge. It shouldered a heavier burden with my block from Facebook. Any characters who wanted to be on Facebook had to come from here. This condition continues today. Another transformation was a movement more towards fiction, showcasing my fictional works. Previously, I’d sometimes posted my own thoughts and feelings here about writing and the issues writers have. More and more, it’s becoming about my characters.

For that was my theme for the A-Z Challenge, my characters. One (sometimes two or more) character/s, whose names began with a letter from A-Z would post here in first person. S/he would talk about her/himself, the story they came from, and their concerns. Often, they’d grump about me, how little I’d written about them lately. As I wrote, these characters became more and more three dimensional. Their growth inspired the stories they came from to quicken. Bits and pieces of stories, even neglected roleplaying character concepts were coming to life in my imagination. Elizabeth, who’d been a possible World of Darkness character concept, became an original character in her own original story concept, ‘A Portrait Is Worth a Thousand Words’. Other characters in that story came to me; Westerleigh, Yuri, and Fiona, letting me know they had their own thoughts and concerns. I’ll definitely have to write that story someday. In writing ‘K is for Kyra’, ‘N is for Nevalyn’, ‘O is for Ouroboros’, ‘Q is for Questioning’, ‘X is for Xian’, and ‘Z is for Zenobia’, I got to flesh out an old fantasy world. Bits and fragments came together under a possible title banner, ‘A Suitor’s Challenge’. Lastly, I got to play with some characters very dear to my heart in ‘D is for Damian’, ‘D is for Duessa’, ‘C is for Christopher’, and ‘G is for Gabrielle’. I really hope I’ll be able to introduce them all to you in ‘Tales from the Navel’ and ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’. (crosses my fingers)

As my characters and I developed together, we got an appreciative audience, which I found myself appreciating in turn. Some of the other challengers had some pretty spectacular themes of their own. Rian Durant’s Flowers never failed lift my spirits, while I’m hoping with all my heart she’ll expand on a certain ‘X’ entry. 🙂 Another challenge wrote speculative blogs from the heart, bringing out the very best in her readers.

As busy as this challenge kept me, it was a very rewarding experience. I’d love to do this again. The only question is do I do the same theme? Or do I choose some other which will help me explore my writing and my characters?

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