‘Fairest’ Snippet

Welcome to #RainbowSnippets! Every Saturday, a group of writers post six sentences of GLBT fiction and share links to it! To see some truly amazing snippets, check out #RainbowSnippets on Facebook.com!

Here’s my own. Since I’m promoting ‘Fairest’ like mad before its release day on May 11, 2016, here’s a scene from my f/f fantasy fairytale. It takes place right before the wicked witch sings her song to the princess. To see the song itself, see the previous entry at this blog.

I stopped at a circle of toadstools, as bright a red as the flowers growing nearby. The ring of mushrooms was the same color as the mysterious witch’s lips. The voice was very close, as if the singer was in the circle’s center, but I could see no one at all.
Standing before the ring, I found myself swaying to the music. My hands lifted, moving to the same rhythm. My fingers flexed and danced, tracing out a series of movements.


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