7-7-7 Challenge

I’m working and revising a lot of projects right now, so it’s hard to choose. I settled on the seventh page of the ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’, a strange, magical tale of twins, who get lost in a Shadow Forest of wonder and possibility, trying to save their older brother from an invisible menace, which is draining away his life. The twins are Danyell and Dayell. (see ‘D is for Danyell and Dayell’ at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com). Leiwell is their older brother. Map is the three boys’ foster mother.

Leiwell wasn’t the type to jump at shadows. He was even better than Map at explaining them away. “Did you see something in the tower?”

“I told you, there’s nothing in the tower!” Map exclaimed. Her eyebrows came together in a furious, hairy caterpillar. “It wasn’t real!”

“It’s hard not to see things around the tower,” Leiwell said.


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