‘Fairest’ Snippet

It’s #RainbowSnippet time! Every Saturday, we Rainbow Snippeteers post six sentences of GLBT fiction to share. To check out some excellent samples of such fiction, go to #RainbowSnippets on Facebook.

Here’s mine. I’ve decided to share another teaser from ‘Fairest’, UNEDITED, since ‘Fairest’ is coming out on May 11, 2016. You can currently preorder it at prizmbooks.com.

‘I grasped the mirror by the sides. Despite its large size, it was surprisingly light. I looked into it. My reflection gazed back. She smiled. Her lips were blood red.’

Everyone who follows this Cauldron is more than welcome to come to ‘Fairest’s release party on Facebook, May 11, 2016. You can find the party at



12 thoughts on “‘Fairest’ Snippet

    1. Actually, this time, no vampires were in the story, not really. Which is curious, because nine times out of ten, there is some kind of vampirism in my stories. :)= I still remember fondly Tanith Lee’s ‘Red As Blood’, where Snow White was a vampire. I did write a short story when I was younger about Sleeping Beauty being a vampire. However, I was just going for the traditional Snow White imagery with the blood red lips, although there are many supernatural, unearthly things about this character. Hope that doesn’t disappoint too much!

      On the other hand, the heroine and the villain of ‘Fairest’ do owe some inspiration to Laura and Mircalla/Carmilla from Sheridan Le Fanu’s ‘Carmilla’. My visual image of my characters did owe some of its power to my mental picture of Laura and Carmilla sitting together in the shadows of a garden, sitting very close, but not quite touching. It’s an image, which keeps shifting through my imagination, creating new images of new characters, but always holding a trace of the original picture. 🙂

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