Z is for Zenobia

We understand your awe, but you would do well to avert your eyes. Yes, we are Zenobia, Queen of Calanthia. We are not simply one woman, but we represent everyone in our great nation. The Imperatrix of the North would not even exist, if not for us. (see ‘X is for Xian) It was our majesty, which gave her the idea of imitating it. It was our hand, which threw the spear, which freed that simple slave girl from the Serpent she served, making her a Imperatrix. It was our cooperation, which enabled Serena Jasior to create the slave collars and bracelets she used to subdue the magic users of her country. By right, the Imperatrix should have handed Stephen Jasior over to us, as a symbol of our alliance. Instead, she offers him up as a prize to anyone who can defeat him in the magic circle, allowing him to slaughter anyone whom defeats him. Meagre magical talent is still magical talent, which we could have used. It’s foolish and wasteful to simply snuff it out. Now, rumours of a golden haired maiden with the power of the Serpent herself has reached our ears. (see ‘K is for Kyra) This maiden has been seen walking free around the Empire. It is too much to bear. First, Serena denies us her brother’s hand in marriage, now she’s allowing the Serpent’s Brood dangerous liberties. We would march across the Imperial border, to express our extreme disatisfaction, but the Imperatrix has spies everywhere. She’s infiltrated the Order of the Dragon, which has too much power in Kalanthia. We cannot move openly yet, but it’s just a matter of time, before Serena makes a mistake. After all, she’s nothing more than a young, foolish slave, who seized power, which should never have been hers. Once she makes a mistake, we will show her the error of her ways. We’re certain she will make one in ‘A Suitor’s Challenge’, the book our author should be writing about us. Inform our author of your interest, if you wish to know the results of our conflict.

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