Snippet of ‘Fairest’

Here is a snippet of my upcoming f/f fantasy femslashy novella, ‘Fairest’. It’s being released May 11, 2016 by

There are some amazing snippets of GLBT fiction at #RainbowSnippets on Facebook. Check them out!

“Once upon a time, she was the kingdom’s greatest treasure. Now, she is its greatest sorrow,” the good witch murmured. The anguish in her voice made my chest tighten in pain. I didn’t know why. “She was the fairest of them all.” With a visible effort, she turned her head. She looked at me, as if she were forcing herself to see me. “You’ve met her. She’s the one who put the curse on you.”


17 thoughts on “Snippet of ‘Fairest’

    1. Thank you! Have I invited you to ‘Fairest’ release party on May 11th? I think I may have just sent a Friend request to you on Facebook, so I’d better double check and make sure I sent you an invitation! 🙂


      1. All right, thank you for the pimping! 🙂 I’d be checking out QST today, if it wasn’t for the final changes I have to make and have back to my editor for ‘A Symposium in Space’. By the way, you and QSF group are invited to the ‘Theory of Love’ party, too, if you’d like to come? It’s a science fiction anthology Torquere Press is coming out with, which is loaded with GBLT. Dale Cameron Lowry from #RainbowSnippets has a story in ‘Theory of Love’ as well. 🙂


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