Q is for Questioning

Hello, I’m Questioning. It’s a curious name, isn’t it? Nothing is certain about me; my gender, my identity, or who I truly am. Some people think I’m a beautiful woman, with strong features. Other people think I’m a beautiful man, with delicate features. My silvery hair makes me look old, but my face is young. Everything I had once had and knew was lost, until Kyra rescued me. I owe everything to her. This is why I’m very concerned, when I see her chasing after the Bloody Prince. Yes, this is the name by which we know Stephen Jasior, the Imperatrix’s brother. He announced he would marry whomever could defeat him in a magical deal. Nine women and three men were foolish enough to accept his challenge. All of them are dead. The Bloody Prince had just entered the magic circle, reading to claim a tenth woman. Her feeble powers were no match for his. Stephen Jasior was about to finish the stupid girl off, when Kyra stepped into the circle and stopped him. This was incredibly dangerous. No one can enter a magic circle, once it’s been drawn, except someone extremely powerful. The extremely powerful tend to be hunted down and enslaved by the Imperatrix, ah, excuse me. Recruited by the Imperatrix for her personal service. Kyra has golden hair and blue eyes. Those blue eyes change to golden, when she uses her power. This is a sign of Nevalyn’s Brood, one of the many descendants of the Great Serpent herself. Of course, her eyes changed, when she stopped the prince from killing the silly maiden, who challenged him. Yes, all this happened in a very public place. Kyra was lucky she wasn’t grabbed by the Dragon Claws (the Imperatrix’s personal guard) on that spot. This would have been understandable. What happened afterwards was entirely too fortuitous. A mysterious woman, clearly of wealth and power, decided she was going to become Kyra’s matron, supporting Kyra’s suit to Stephen Jasior. The Bloody Prince wasn’t happy about this at all. First Kyra showed him up in duel, depriving him of a victim, and now she’s daring to court him herself? The Bloody Prince isn’t flattered, or amused. Not one bit. Now, Kyra is caught up in politics, a quest, attention from on high, and all kinds of trouble. Not to mention the dark sorcerer who once captured Kyra and myself is still looking for us. I’d say you could read all about this, except our author still has to put all the fragments of our story together into a whole, let alone turn it into a book. I wish she would. What? She only just came up with my character for the A-Z Project? She’s working on other characters and their stories/books right now? I’m very tempted to creep into my author’s dreaming mind, and give her nightmares. Maybe she won’t be so quick to put me aside, if I do!


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