P is for Peter

Welcome to the Navel, center of everything bizarre! May I say you look utterly ravishing today? Are you looking for something in particular? Sometimes, the most unusual item catches your eye. You’ll find yourself drawn to something you wouldn’t look twice at. For instance, see that boy sulking in the corner? That’s Christopher. He’s Gabrielle’s son. Yes, ‘Brie is the one who owns the Navel, as well as my boss. I really shouldn’t be staring at the boss’ son. Not to mention he’s not at all pleased, whenever he catches me looking at him. When I first met Christopher, he was muttering to himself, glaring up at the sun. This was nothing, compared to the glare he bestowed upon me, when he realized I was in the Navel to take his precious prick’s job. No, I wasn’t being dirty, although I wish I was. I was referring to Damian Ashelocke, who worked in the store before me. Disappeared completely, leaving Christopher and Gabrielle behind. You don’t know how hard it’s been, filling the void left behind by the Perfect Prick. Yes, he left behind a vacancy in the Navel, but a vacancy in the hearts of Christopher and ‘Brie as well. I don’t think either of them realize how much better off they are, without him. Traces of Damian linger about in the Navel, almost like cold spots, with sharp fangs. They’re particularly strong around that painting, hanging on the wall. I think it’s called ‘Waiting for Rebirth’? A more sinister painting I’ve never seen. It watches me, particularly when I’m around Christopher. Christopher thinks it’s beautiful. That painting specializes some kind of special bond between Damian and himself. All the more reason to get rid of it, before it draws Christopher in, taking him…oh, what am I thinking? Much as I love a little magic, a little of the weird, that’s too much. It’s a good thing I’m not as fanciful as Christopher is. He needs someone to hold onto him, keep him grounded. I’d love to be that someone, but my efforts aren’t going anywhere. You can read all about it in ‘Unwilling to Be Yours’, ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’, and ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’, once our author finally finishes editing each of these. I’d like to steal just a little piece of Christopher’s heart for myself, even if it’s just a little piece.


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