O is for Ouroboros

I am Ouroboros, the World Serpent. When you walk across the earth, you’re treading upon my scales. Can you blame me for being out of sorts for the creatures who dwell upon me? Especially since the Creatrix thrust you all upon my back, without even asking if I desired the burden of supporting all life. Legends say I’m the enemy of the Creatrix, and every creature she ever dreamed up, designed, or gave birth to. The truth is if not for me, the Creatrix would never have been inspired enough to create the universe. Yes, some of my avatars have been called evil. Nevalyn is simply one avatar of me, chosen to manifest my power and purpose in a particular fashion. There are many other aspects of me. The Dragon and the Serpent are both my children, whom the residents of my world worshipped as gods, until the Unicorn chose to stamp them out. It’s true that the Unicorn is the daughter of the Creatrix herself. This makes the Unicorn much more unbalanced than my children, the Dragon and the Serpent, whom are equally made up of me, as they are of the Creatrix. The Unicorn and her servants claim my children and their followers are impure, because they are touched by me. Purity brings inbreeding and madness. Would you like to see how mad? Read ‘F is for Faith’ at the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. My followers have always tried to avoid such madness. May you judge for yourself who is right, myself or the Unicorn, once our author finishes and publishes our stories.


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