L is for ‘Lyssa

Good evening. I’m ‘Lyssa. Yes, it’s short for Melyssa, the name my mother cursed us with. Yes, I used the word ‘us’, not ‘me’. Is it a royal affectation? Is it truly an affectation, if it’s justified? One of the reasons I changed my name is because I’ve changed into something more than a single person. Poor little Melyssa was so lost and confused, unable to remember anything. Trapped with Juno, Jupitre, and Thomas in that fake family, living in Omphalos, not sure what she was waiting for. Through her Seraphix, she found me. I’m the woman she always wanted to be, as well as the woman who’ll always take care of her. She had to abandon Mel in the process, but Mel was weak. She was inept, awkward, and wanted so badly to impress people, whom she never had a chance of impressing. Truly, we’re better off without her. I’m the better part of Melyssa, mingled with, well, if you want to know who and what I am, read ‘A Seraphix for Your Thoughts?’, once our silly author finishes writing it. I’m a new woman in more ways than one. My only regret in being a character in ‘A Seraphix for Your Thoughts?’ is I can no longer torment Amberwyne. Yes, I was a major nemesis in her life, well, the Amberwyne at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. I wouldn’t mind tormenting the Amberwyne at this site, too, if I get a chance. However, Melyssa needs me to make her wish come true in ‘A Seraphix for Your Thoughts?’ I musn’t disappoint her.


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