L is for Leiwell

I’m Leiwell, a character, who’s undergone many revisions, including my name. Once I was Llewell, one of the leaders of the Followers of Seraphimis. It was a half human empowerment group, created to help all halflings realize how truly special and balanced they were. Its inner circle was privy to dark secrets and dark practices. Blood was spilt and pain was inflicted upon those chosen, offered up to Seraphimis for the sake of halflings as a whole. My entire premise changed, when I appeared in my author’s novel, ‘Never Lose Your Path, Your Patience, or Yourself’, which took place entirely from the perspective of my little brothers, Danyell and Dayell. I was disappearing from my home, serving my lord, doing secret work, which could be of great benefit to halflings in general. A halfling in my author’s original work is anyone who’s half human, mixed with something monstrous, spawned in the Shadow Forest. The novel my author is currently writing, ’A Seraphix for Your Thoughts?’ shows Seraphimis returning as Seraphix, a much more complicated creature than the sinister god Seraphimis was. Seraphix is not simply a god, Its also a coin, a wish, and a manifestation of that wish. My lord has a plan to use Seraphix in order to achieve a new goal, which he’s taking his time revealing. All I know is my lord wants me back, at his side, despite my questionable loyalties. He knows my heart’s desire, just as Seraphix does, to protect my little brothers. To keep Danyell and Dayell safe, to create a new world for them has always been my goal. It breaks my heart that my little brothers are my greatest enemies in achieving that goal.


2 thoughts on “L is for Leiwell

  1. Leiwell: Thank you. Hopefully my author will get around to revising ‘The Hand and the Tower’ and ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’, so I can reveal more of it. (looks at his author through lowered black eyelashes) As well as finish ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts’?

    Author: (grumbles under breath about too many characters, all wanting attention at once) 🙂


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