K is for Kyra

I’m Kyra Nevalyn. My author has been writing about me, since she was twelve. I’m one of the original denizens of the World of Ouroboros, our author’s own fantasy universe. This world has undergone many revisions, just as I have. I was originally a peasant girl, who dared to woo and rescue a beautiful prince, who’d been captured and cursed. Afterwards, he was incapable of loving anybody, until he met her. It’s a simple tale, which has been told many times. Mine became more complicated, when I discovered I was descended from the Serpent, the archenemy of the House of Jasior (my prince’s house), as well as most of the world. Ironically, being one of the Serpent’s hatchlings enabled me to break Stephen’s (my prince’s) curse, since only an enemy could touch his heart. The notion struck my author as being romantic, when she was twelve years old. Alas, she became so absorbed in building the World of Ouroboros, my plot was never fleshed out. My next appearance was years later, when I was being rescued by a dark, mysterious woman named Peregrine from some sort of captivity. I’m not sure, if the one who was holding me captive was the Serpent herself, or one of her minions. Interestingly enough, the Serpent’s favorite minion and former student became the Serpent’s arch enemy, as well as the founder of an empire, which once held numerous, fractious countries together. Unfortunately, the Imperatrix decided an essential defense against the Serpent was enslaving the Serpent’s brood. She had a plan for finding that brood, by ordering any potential suitors for Prince Stephen’s hand to face him in combat. Stephen had no mercy towards his opponents in the magic circle. This meant you had to be fairly strong, in order to face him. I thought any woman, or man, who wanted to marry this bloodthirsty prince was mad, until I saw him. I recognized the expression on his face, the despair, the silent struggle against a compulsion he couldn’t fight. I’d felt the same despair myself once. He didn’t want to kill the woman he was battling, but he had to. It made me step into the circle. Once I did, the world changed. I’m really hoping my author would complete my story. I wanted to be the subject of National Novel Writing Month, but my author chose to work on ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’ instead. With ‘A Seraphix for Your Thoughts?’ and ‘Wind Me Up, One More Time’ in process, plus revising ‘Never Lose Your Path, Your Brother, or Yourself’, ‘Stealing Myself from Shadows’, I’m not sure when she’s going to get back to me. I’m going to make certain she doesn’t forget me, though. I’ll creep into her imagination, whispering my name into her ear, reminding her of how I inspired her to write about so many other characters. Eventually, she’ll relent and write my story.


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