J is for Juno

Why, hello, there, dears! I’m Juno, a perfectly respectful, ordinary matriarch in this lovely little town of Omphalos! What’s that? You’ve heard of me? Oh, my, well, I did used to help out handsome heroes, when I was young, not that there was anything improper there! I’m quite serious about my marriage vows to my husband, indeed about marriage vows in general. Yes, I did tend to get a wee bit upset, when I caught my husband carrying on with others, in spite of our vows. He’s a bit of rake, I fear. Needs a firm hand. Nobody used to be able to handle him, so I needed to be somewhat severe with those I caught sporting with him. One needs to protect the marriage bond, or else what would the world come to? Life has gotten quite a bit easier, since we settled down in Omphalos. Now, all I need is to give my husband a cup of tea and he settles down. In fact, he becomes quite listless. Wonderful stuff, this tea I buy from the Navel! I do sometimes worry it’s made my husband too listless, but at least it keeps my husband home, where he belongs. Not that Omphalos is exactly home. I’m not quite sure how we got here. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen my husband in a while. It’s just been my daughter, Hebe, and myself, not that I’m complaining! We live quite snug and peaceful in Omphalos, in spite of our missing memories. I’m not entirely certain I really want to remember certain things. I might have made some rather nasty choices and changes to survive, after leaving our original home. I worry that I’m weaker without my memories, though. Perhaps I’m turning into the fat, middle aged woman I appear to be, the woman no one notices or takes seriously. It’s safer, but it’s just a wee bit boring. In fact, I do believe I try to change things in ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’, along with ‘A Seraphyx for Your Thoughts?’ Not that I know what we’re up to, lately, since our author has been so neglectful, working on submissions, deadlines, and blogs! This is the first bit of attention I’ve gotten from her in weeks! I really must have a word with her about that, because it’s quite dull, not having our plotline move forward in ‘A Seraphyx for Your Thoughts?’ My part is only too small in ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’, even smaller in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ and ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’, but I would like those stories to be tidied up and finished, so I can finally make an appearance!


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