H is for Hebe

What are you staring at? Yes, I know I’m plain, bony, and with a nose like a beak! It’s easy to overlook, isn’t it, except I’m way too tall. My own father kicked me out of our home, when he gave my job to his boy toy. He took away all my cups and gave them to him. You don’t know how many cups it took for me to remember that. Yes, cups! I keep visiting the Navel, shopping for cups. With every cup I obtain, some of my memories return. I still don’t know how I got to Omphalos in the first place, or why my mother and I are living there. It’s as if I’ve been recreated. If only I could do it over, remake myself into someone more interesting! Like Gabrielle, the owner of the Navel. She’s so vibrant and confident, with her long, golden hair, her booming voice, and her ludicrous hats. I’d love to be more like her, only not as tall. I’ve had enough of being tall. Of course, I’d need to be a magical being of some sort. You say this is impossible? Impossible in this world, but anything is possible in the Shadow Forest! I just need to follow a path through the forest to my heart’s desire. And find a Door to the Shadow Forest in the first place. That’s the tricky part. I hear Damian Ashelocke managed to find a Door, though, with Christopher’s help. I heard my mother and that creep, Raven, whispering about it. They’re planning on getting Christopher to open a Door for them. No way, they’re not doing this without me. I’m going to make sure I’m with them, when they do. Read about it in ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’, once our scatterbrained author revises and publishes it. Nobody is going to stop me from finding that Door. Once I do, I’ll open it and discover a brand new me.


2 thoughts on “H is for Hebe

  1. I’m out blog hopping on a Friday afternoon in NorthCarolina looking for fellow writers. You’ve been busy! I am resting on my laurels today having everything in the queue except X & Z. It will come to me. If you have an interest in hotels and inns, that is my theme this year. Love the #Challenge….finding new blogs like yours.


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