G is for Gabrielle

Welcome to the Navel, center of everything bizarre! Here, you might find that little piece of yourself you’ve always sought, hiding with bits and bobs, baubles and trinkets, sorcerers’ robes with smiley faces, and metal statues of squawking roosters! Do take a closer look at my roosters! No? (sighs) Damian didn’t like them, either. Nor did Christopher. No one sees the pride and attitude they show in every feather, every lift of their claws! All right, these statues don’t have feathers, but look how their beaks are half open in mid squawk! The rooster on top of my head is striking exactly the same pose! Oh, feel free to gawk at my rooster hat! Isn’t it outrageously oddball? What’s that? Who am I? Ah, well, Gabrielle is my name, but you can call me ‘Brie. Yes, I was a sorcererss of some repute, before I took over the Navel. Or you might say the Navel took over me. I live here, with my protege, Damian, and my son, Christopher, although I’m not sure how long Damian will remain with us. He thinks the Navel is a waste of time, especially for me. Why aren’t I doing something more meaningful with my life? he constantly asks. Well, this is meaningful to me! Yes, but you could do great things, he points out, over and over. I’ve already tried great things! Great things lead to great mistakes! I’ve made enough of those for a lifetime, thank you very much. I’d much rather stay small. This isn’t good enough for Damian, who wants more than what this store has to offer. In order to accomplish his goals, he thinks he has to be great. I hope he learns otherwise, before his own ambition gets the better of him. You can read more about that, as well as Damian, Christopher, and myself in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, ‘Unwilling to Be Yours’, ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’, and ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’. I think our author is planning a novel about Damian, Duessa, and myself, if she can bring all the fragments she’s written together. Plus, she has plenty of stories about me, lying around, if she could pull those together. What’s that? She hasn’t published any of our stories yet? She wants to polish them up first? Well, hurry up and polish! The Navel could use some customers!


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