F is for Fiona

Eh? Is somebody here? We don’t get many visitors in this drafty, old house! What, who’s ‘we’? You thought I lived her alone? Of course I live here alone! I was talking about the Lady Elizabeth Hartford, but she’s hardly alive, is she? Yes, that’s her portrait, right above my head. Painted by Judith Cross, one of the greatest portrait artists of the time. Her ladyship claims they were lovers. It’s curious, considering Judith Cross’ memoirs include lovers of every gender imaginable, they never mention her ladyship. Not even someone whom might be her ladyship. Ahem, the air is getting colder. This means her ladyship is getting upset. Let’s change the subject, shall we? Lady Elizabeth is certainly smart looking, in her red riding attire, isn’t she? What? She looks like me? Well, we’re both redheads, although not a single strand of her fiery hair is out of place, while mine is everywhere. I suppose we’ve got the same hungry look in our slanting green eyes, which has called everything from mad to malicious. However, Lady Elizabeth Hartford has a perpetual scowl on her thin lips, which I find impossible to maintain. There’s too much to see, do, and discover to scowl at! Come on! I’m living in a haunted house with a ghost! I grew up in a place, where houses were often knocked down, after barely being up for ten years! Living with all this history is a dream come true! There’s so much to do, so much going on! What’s that? You asked if I’m some sort of mad scientist? Why, you flatter me! I blush! I’m not any kind of doctor or scientist, although I am a researcher of a sort. White labcoats are easy to bleach, plus they’re surprisingly comfortable to wear. Not as many questions are asked, if you’re found in a place you shouldn’t be, wearing a labcoat. I’ve got many a place to be, which I shouldn’t be in, unfortunately. You see, a demon has taken over Lady Elizabeth’s body, while her spirit is anchored to her painting. Isn’t that exciting? I mean, awful. I meant to say awful. Her ladyship isn’t sure if its her own powers, or the painting’s, which are keeping her tethered. It sounds like Judith Cross may have had a few secrets of her own. We may be discovering them, if we meet her descendant. You see, Lady Elizabeth’s body is walking around, immortal, causing all kinds of mischief. The demon inhabiting her body needs blood in order to keep from aging, but her ladyship is certain it requires a very special kind of blood, if it’s to stay immortal. The blood of Judith Cross’ descendants. The Lady Elizabeth and I need to find them first. I’ve offered myself as a vessel to her ladyship, so she can walk out of this mansion, but she insists we’re not compatible. Not compatible! I’m her descedant! She’s just playing hard to get. Eventually, she’s going to have to accept me as her vessel, if she wants to stop her body. I just have to be patient and wait…for our author to write our story? You mean she hasn’t even begun it, yet? What? She just created us for an A-Z Blog project? No way! She can’t do that! I was just getting excited about this adventure! How it not be written, yet?


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