E is for Elizabeth

Stop right there. Turn around and face my portrait. Lift your chin up, a little higher! Better. You should already know whom I am. You don’t? Just what rock did you crawl out from under, girl? Don’t answer that. I am Elizabeth Hartford, one of the greatest sorceresses who ever lived, until I made some errors of judgment, which separated my soul from my body. That body still lives, animated by a demonic intelligence, in a monstrous parody of immortality. What I am is the spirit, or soul of Elizabeth Hartford. I am bound to the portrait, which my beloved Judith Cross created, when we lived, loved, and breathed. I’m not certain if it’s because of my powers, or hers, but as long as the portrait exists, I exist. My existence is for one purpose, to track down my body and destroy it. However, I can’t do this as a spirit. I need a vessel among one of my mortal descendants. You’re hardly worthy, girl, but you’re the most promising of those who carry my blood. Such a sad lot of pretentious failures are the Hartfords of now! Take that fool, Fiona, capering around in a labcoat, constantly talking to my portrait! As if she’d be able to get anything done! I feared I was stuck with her as a vessel, but now I’ve found you, girl. What’s that? You’re not a girl, but a boy? Why under the heavens are you dressed like that? No, don’t answer that question. I have no interest in your sordid fashion sense. We must find the descendant of Judith Cross’, before my body does. You see, it needs blood to continue its immortal existence, but the spell is failing. What? You’re asking, if I’m the one who cast that spell? Yes, although it went horribly wrong. Did I sacrifice someone, in order to gain immortality? Why are you asking me these questions? Whoever she was, she died centuries ago! More will die, if we don’t stop my body, particularly anyone descended from Judith! You see that demon has discovered my spirit still exists, tethered to this portrait. I thought it would seek out my portrait, but instead, it’s looking for Judith’s descendants. The demon believes the blood of those descendants will revive the spell. Why do I believe that? Why do you ask so many questions? We don’t have much time and I still have to train you. I’m confident that once I’m inside your body, you’ll learn fast. Once I’m inside your mind, you’ll have all of my former powers at your disposal. You’ll need them to face my former body. What was that? You’re saying our story hasn’t even been written? Our lazy author took a bunch of old roleplaying characters, turning them into a story character, for some ridiculous blog she’s writing? How dare she! I am Elizabeth Hartford! Fictional character, or not, I will have my time and my story! Otherwise, I’m come up with something quite memorial and unpleasant to block any writing projects that author unwisely chooses to favor over my tale!


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