C is for Christopher

Go ahead and call me Christopher. My name was a gift from Damian, along with his hand, with which he pulled me out of the Shadow Forest into a world of light and color. I’m not a real person, I don’t think. I remember bits and pieces from other people’s lives, bits and pieces, which they left behind in the Shadow Forest. Damian’s light fused them together, creating me, or is it recreating? I sometimes wonder if I haven’t met Damian before. However, it’s difficult to talk to him, not to mention downright impossible to ask him about his light. Damian is trying to keep his light a secret, especially from his family. The Ashelockes are quite prejudiced against light. A curious attitude, considering they’re very fond of shadows. You can’t have shadows, with light, as I’ve tried to tell Lady Duessa Ashelocke, many a time. Not to mention Damian’s light is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. His light inspires me, giving me strength, when I’m all too aware of a having a very fragile boy’s body. I’m going to have need of that strength, when I return to the Shadow Forest. I never wanted to return to that place, where I was fractured, reduced to a hungry shadow of myself. If I don’t return, Damian could be lost forever. He was foolish enough to open a Door, with my equally foolish help, which shut behind him, separating us. I need to find another Door, so I can find him, before the Damian I knew is shattered forever. Join me on my quest to find him in ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’. Meet Damian and myself for the first time as I find myself human in his world in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. Meet Peter, Damian’s headstrong rival for my affections (I still shake my head at the notion of this), as he attempts to heal my wounded heart in ‘Unwilling to Be Yours’. Watch me try to get Peter out of trouble, as he’s silly enough to court Duessa Ashelocke, not knowing what love for an arachnocratic woman entails in ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’. Of course, these stories will only become available, once my foolish author finishes proofing them, a publisher accepts them, or she self publishes them, after getting her seller’s permit. I hope she does so, soon, so I can share our stories with you.


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