Learning to Love E-Books

When e-books appeared, I resisted them. I loved the romance of picking up a book, off a shelf, in a bookstore. I loved the thrill of discovery, when I scanned through the pages, knowing I’d just found a treasure. How could I do that, with an e-book?

My husband pointed out some of the advantages to me. As a voracious reader, I had to have at least two books with me, when I went anywhere. I was often weighed down, by the weight of my books, as I traveled. I could carry a lot more books with me, if I had a Kindle. E-books were a lot cheaper than regular books. A lot of my income, when I had any, was spent on buying books. Often, I had to make hard choices, between buying one book, or another. I’d have to wait and save, before getting everything I wanted.

Unconvinced, I reluctantly accepted his gift of a Kindle. (Yes, I know, some of you are shaking your heads at my extremely foolish ingratitude, my current self included! :)) I named it Hathaway, after D.I. Lewis’ sergeant on ‘Inspector Lewis’. Eventually, I discovered for myself how right my husband had been. When I had Hathaway, I wasn’t limited to carrying around just two, or ten, or even twenty books with me. I could carry a hundred, even two hundred! This was something I never could have done with a physical book. I also discovered books were, indeed, cheaper. A voracious reader with lean pockets could buy a lot more e-books than she could physical books, which were cheaper. The reality of this hit me, as I greedily shopped for every single title I’d held off buying, because of my lean pockets.

Hathaway made me happy. I ended up bonding with him as much as I bonded with any of the other books I loved. Hathaway wasn’t just another book. He was a walking, mobile library.

Don’t get me wrong. I still adore physical books. I still love flipping through physical pages, being able to look things up with my hands. I still love bookstore, as well as the very sight of book spines. E-books, however, gave me a chance to read I never could have afforded otherwise. Don’t overlook e-books, just because you love physical books. You don’t have to give up one to enjoy the other. Both physical books and e-books have a very special place in my heart.

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