Filling the Blank Page

How does one fill the blank page? The simple answer is just fill it, but with what? Where do you begin? Is there a character in your head, struggling to get out? Do you have a mental picture of that character? Or is there an image from online, a comic, a poster, or a painting, which tranforms into a character in your head? What do you know about that character, forming in your imagination? What do you like about him/her? Dislike about them? What would like to see that character do, if s/he was in a story? What do you think s/he’s capable of? What is a major weakness of his/her? What sort of a person is most likely to disturb this character’s life? Or is it an event which is more likely to disturb them? Walk around, or do something physical, as you think about these questions. Let your imagination wander. Once you’ve done so, return to your computer/laptop/notebook/blank page. Write a scene where your character confronts something s/he doesn’t like, something which disturbs him/her. Something which threatens something s/he likes.

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