Musings Inspired by Guy de Maupassant and Others

I took a little time to read this morning. I finished Guy de Maupassant’s novel, ‘Yvette’. The quote, “Put out the candles” makes me think of what Lestat said to a couple of his victims in ‘Interview with the Vampire’. I wonder if Anne Rice was inspired by that quote? However, I also wonder if she wasn’t inspired by Guido Reni’s paintings of Saint Sebastian. I wonder if the combination of sensuality, innocence, and spiritual detachment in Sebastian’s painted form didn’t inspire the vampire Armand. I wonder if Ronald D. Moore ever watched ‘Firefly’ and contemplated the scene, where River Tam picked up the branch, which turned into a gun. I wonder if didn’t inspire in him the idea, which would turn into Baltar’s visions and Cylon projection, which appeared in the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ remake. Both the painting and the scene inspired me. The sources of inspiration are all around us. Look for them. See them, not only in stories and in television, but in paintings, music, music, and the first thing that catches your eye.

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